“Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides.”
Jules Verne

How many different shades of the sea are there? What is the color of the sea at different times of day? Together we will try to make a watercolor journey to new shores, discover new watercolor techniques and explore the subject of coloration and techniques for depicting the seawater and boats.

Lesson contents


Salty air

Available ✔️
Duration:  1 hour 15 min
English voice-over, subtitles

Let's imagine setting out at dawn on a sea voyage towards the salty wind and the sun. Let's paint a boat at the pier, and talk about color and composition, the role of details and technique.


Rocks of Capri

Available ✔️
Duration:  2 hour
English voice-over, subtitles

Let's continue our virtual watercolor journey by painting a view of the famous rocks. Let's talk about the color of the sea, the technique of painting waves, and the peculiarities of depicting rocks.

The Faraglioni Rocks of Capri

Rainbow in the sea

Available ✔️
Duration:  35 min
English voice-over, subtitles

As a bonus lesson, let's paint a rainbow. Such plots are very expressive, but not so easy. In this lesson we will talk about pigments and the technical aspects of painting rainbows.

Rainbow final

Venetian boats

Available ✔️
Duration:  2 hour 25 min
English voice-over, subtitles

End our journey in the setting sun on the romantic shores of Venice. Let's paint glimpses of the sun, lace reflections and colored reflections on the dark lacquered surface of the gondolas.

Dreams of Venice

The image of water is my passion. I want to share with you my many years’ experience of observation and practice.

I have carefully selected the best references that will ensure your immersion in the subject and

allow you to enjoy the process and significantly improve your watercolor skills and artistic vision.

Welcome to the journey along the picturesque shores!


Anastasia Petryaeva @seanastya,
the author of the course

Feedback and student’s works
(Find more under tag #seanastya_lessons)

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is aimed at those who continue to study watercolor techniques, but it is also suitable for beginners, since I have included the basic knowledge and principles that the realistic approach to watercolor is based on.

You get unlimited access to the course and can study at any time convenient for you. Feedback is also not limited in time, you can send me works as soon as they are ready. I am always in touch with you.

The course consists of 4 detailed video lessons with a total duration of 6 hours, as well as additional materials in the form of palette scheme and photo references. You can also get feedback on all works by choosing the “With feedback” option

Above, I have indicated the materials that I recommend and use constantly myself. But your materials may differ and that’s okay!
You can use your usual brushes and paints. If you do not have some pigments, many of them can be replaced with similar ones or can be mixed. I use masking fluid in two out of four works and it really comes in handy.

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Feedback for this course

You will get feedback from me on all your artworks. I check your work on Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp and explain what you need to pay attention to.
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