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My name is Anastasia Petryaeva, I am a watercolour artist. My favourite genre is landscape, and in it I strive to reveal fleeting harmonious states, transparency, air and light in watercolour.

I graduated with honours from the Academy of Architecture and Arts, I’m a practicing artist, and the author of training courses. I am the author of training courses, which were attended by over 1500 students from around the World.

I am a constant participant and winner of international exhibitions watercolor art. Among my achievements, I won the international Watercolor competition, bronze in international competitions Rockwell, and Australia’s Melbourne exhibition-competition, etc.

Watercolor for me is more than just a material. It has its own philosophy, way of thinking and passion, which I want to share with you.

This site features watercolor lessons and courses that I created to help beginners master watercolor and ignite their passion, and experienced artists to learn new techniques and deepen their knowledge.


My approach is based on the fundamental foundation of academic education, but this is not a boring theory, but practical techniques that allow my students not to copy, but to analyze the work at each stage.

Watercolor has never been so popular, and we are witnessing the golden age of watercolor painting. High-quality materials appear that give new expressive possibilities. I am happy to help you master the modern techniques of watercolor painting so that you can develop your own unique style and maximize your creative potential!

Video lessons and courses

The video lessons are recorded, so you can start studying at your own pace.
You can choose to have me give you feedback on your work to help you learn better.

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